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Xplorer Plus
It has the same look and feel of windows Explorer but adds the ability to print.

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August, 2002 -- EZCap 1.0.2
The latest version of EZCap is available for download. To download 1.0.2 click here

July, 2002 -- DraftPak edit 3.0 Released
The latest version of DraftPak edit is available for download. For more information on the new features click here, to download 3.0 click here

May, 2002 -- NFL Draft 2002
The 2002 DraftPak file is available for download. Peppers, Carr, Harington and all of the other that were part of the NFL 2002 draft are ready for FBPro, click here to download it.

April, 2002 -- AntiFBPC Released
If you want to find out if your opponent is using FBPlayCheck this tool can tell you. To download it click here, it's free.

March, 2002 -- FBRad 3.0 Released
The latest version of FBRad is available for download. For more information on the new features click here, to download 3.0 click here

February, 2002 -- FBPots 2.0.3 Available
The latest version of FBPots is available for download. To download click here

January, 2002 -- NFL 1976 Season
League files for the 1976 Season are now available for download, for more information on the files please refer to the document included with the files. To download files click here

November, 2001 -- Lightening Strikes
On November 24 this web site was brought down by lightening. The sight remained down till November 27 when it was rebuilt. Hopefully we have everything back up and working but if you notice any dead links or email addresses posted here that are not working please report it to

October, 2001 -- FBPots 2.0 Released
FBPots version 2.0 update has been released. It is available for download on the updates page. To download click here

September, 2001 -- Kickoff Sale
For a limited time you can purchase any two FBPro Tools and pick another one for free. To see details on this special offer click here.

August, 2001 -- Updates page Added
A new page added to the web site to show all the latest updates available. Please check the updates page for the latest version after installing any software from SlashWare. The most resent update is to FBEdit Pro 99. It has been updated to version 2.0.3. You can download the latest version of FBEdit Pro 99 and any other software titles here.

Check out the University of FBPro for articles and How-To tips.

Two For One

arrow.gif (877 bytes)DraftPak edit 3.0
DrafPak edit 2
"DPEdit is one of the best utilities ever..."
-Stefan Thiel

arrow.gif (877 bytes)FBRad 3.0
FBRad Adjust the player ratings for the entire league by using a template.

arrow.gif (877 bytes)EZCap
EZCap_mid.jpg (4176 bytes)
Salary cap tool for the single player as well as on-line Leagues.

arrow.gif (877 bytes)FBPots 2.0
Hide the pots by years you select or hide the real pots and show what a scout may think a player is worth by his guess of what a players pots may be.

arrow.gif (877 bytes)FBPlayCheck 2.0
FBPlayCheck_mid.jpg (3076 bytes)
Validate custom plays used in head to play and update the log file with the actual plays.