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With DraftPak edit you can use an existing DraftPak or create your own. For a sneak preview of the DraftPak files being supplied SlashWare go here.  DraftPak edit will replace the rookies created by FBPro with the players from a DraftPak quickly and easily.

New in version 3.0

Creatate Your Own Pak - You can now create your own draft pools using DraftPak edit.
Select NEW under file to run this option. It will autamatically generate a pak
file with over 600 rookies and fictious names. You can use any template you wish
to make the new draft file compatable with your league. It can creatate over 9
million distinct names!

New in version 2.0

Merge Pak - Now DraftPak files may be merged together. Perfect for using multiple college leagues to create on draft file.
Option to make any left over rookies left in a league file worthless when updating the draft pool from a pak file. Sometimes the computer generated rookie file in FBPro will contain more players than a DraftPak file. If this is the case the extra players can be rendered worthless by selecting
the check box 'Make Existing Rookies in League worthless'.
Print without Pots - Now a user has the option to print a DraftPak file with or without POTS.
Randomize - This new feature used to randomize the attribute ratings for players in a DraftPak file. It is versatile, it can be used for all the positions or just one at a time. It can be applied to POTs Actuals or both. The user has control on the variance allowed.
Import Template - All the templates that come with DraftPak edit are contained in one file. This feature will let you import a template another user has created without losing any customization you have already done to you templates.

  • Import Files
  • Import Seniors from a college league
  • Retire Seniors from a college league
  • Global editor
  • Template edit
  • Compatable with FBPro 96, 97 & 98

Requirements: Windows 95, 98 or NT. Football Pro 96, 97 or 98

Price: $14.95 Register Now

Why should I register?
To To get the full functionality of this program you will have to register it. After you register you will get upgrades for DraftPak edit which includes any minor changes as well as new releases of this product for FREE.

Download DraftPak edit 2.0(3.8mb) - This is a full installation file. Required if you do not have a previous version of DraftPak edit installed.

After installing the software check the updates page for any updates available for this software.