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DraftPak edit

Copyright 1999 SlashWare. Shareware for Sierra Sports Football Pro Contact the webmaster

DraftPak files FBPro Gold

DraftPak's are replacements for the computer generated Draft Pools in FBPro 96, 97 & 98. They are supplied for free but you need DraftPak edit in order to use them.

Files Based on the VPNFL rating system

NFL Draft 2002 wpe1.jpg (888 bytes) DP_VP2002
NFL Draft 2001 DP_VP2001
NFL Draft 2000 DP_VP2000
NFL Draft '99


NFL Draft '98 DP_VP98
NFL Draft '97 DP_VP97
NFL Draft '96 DP_VP96
NFL Draft '95 DP_VP95
NFL Draft '94 * DP_VP94
NFL Draft '93 * DP_VP93
NFL Draft '92 * DP_VP92
NFL Draft '91 * DP_VP91
NFL Draft '90 * DP_VP90
NFL Draft '89 *  DP_VP89

Files Based on the IKNFL rating system

NFL Draft 2000(projected) DP_IK2000
NFL Draft '99 DP_IK99
NFL Draft '98 DP_IK98
NFL Draft '97 DP_IK97
NFL Draft '96 DP_IK96
NFL Draft '95 DP_IK95
* Includes a file with all the picks for that year in order

Price: FREE